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PetZolla is the first and original real green lawn sod right in your home. PetZolla is completely natural, your dog or cat, will love it from the first minute.

PetZolla is an eco-friendly rectangle of real lawn for your 4-legged friend delivered to your doorstep! PetZolla can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • EDUCATIONAL: PetZolla can be used to habituate your pup and go potty in the park, as a replacement for traditional toilet mats.
  • LUDICO: The sod is made of real grass that helps the dog's body thermoregulate naturally in heat. Dogs and cats love fresh grass and will find it pleasant to stand on it, nibble on it or sniff it.
  • DECORATIVE: Having a sod of real grass in the house or on the balcony makes the environment more natural and pleasant
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PetZolla True Green Meadow Sod

PetZolla is a true green lawn area to get your puppy dog used to urination at the park, to provide [...]
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PetZolla is the convenient sod of real grass cut at the time of order. It is therefore 100% natural, with odor control offered by the soil layer, and hyper-permeable in case of dog urination.

PetZolla has a shelf life of a few weeks, and only needs a splash of water to revive it.