Grain Free or Ancestral foods, are grain- and derivative-free products. Based on the carnivorous predisposition of dogs and cats, this dietary philosophy favors high protein intakes derived from animals, rather than flours and grains to satiate the Pet. Learn more about the Grain Free philosophy.

Although most foods on the market contain 40 percent to 60 percent grains, these are not the most appropriate choice, especially because of the postprandial glycemic spike they cause.A diet high in protein and low or no grains is therefore believed to be the most appropriate for feeding dogs and cats. The goodness of these kibbles is guaranteed by the amount of protein due to the high concentration of raw materials of animal origin. Within Paco Pet Shop's catalog, there are many brands that offer grain free kibble or kibble for dogs and cats.

Using less grain derivatives, means, on the other hand, increasing the presence of more easily digestible elements such as animal proteins, vegetables, fruits... In this way the quality of the product increases significantly because, these products, have a higher cost but also healthier and more controlled nutritional elements.