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JULIUS-K9® dog food recipes are made by professional nutritionists with decades of experience.

The selection of JULIUS-K9 Hyproallergenic dog food kibble is especially suitable for dogs with food allergies, throughout the different stages of life. The ingredients used to formulate the unique recipes come from the European Union from suppliers who adhere to the quality guidelines required by Julius-K9.

"We promise you that the originality, functionality and quality you experience with JULIUS-K9® harnesses will also be present in our foods," promises the company

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Julius K9 Guide Dog Harness

Julius K9 guide dog harness with handle for conduction. PRODUCT ON ORDER, [...]

Jiulius K9 is a European company that has been a world leader in the production of dog harnesses and accessories specifically for the pet sports market for more than 10 years. International expansion and numerous patents have enabled this company to dominate in various markets. All Jiulius K9 products are designed to perfection to ensure quality, practicality of use and safety for the owner and his four-legged friends. Jiulius K9 har ness is distinguished by the quality of materials and perfect ergonomics, resting on the animal's chest and distributing the load in a gentle and balanced way on the rib cage instead of the neck, without causing discomfort to the dog. The Jiulius K9 harness is available in different colors.