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OptimaNova: only noble and natural ingredients

OptimaNova dog and cat products use noble and natural ingredients suitable for human consumption, sourced from local suppliers: fresh meats are sourced from the best Spanish farms, while fish is caught in the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea. OptimaNova product lines are designed based on the nutritional requirements of age and type of dogs and cats: nutritional values vary as the characteristics of pets (size, age, breed, etc.) vary.

Technlogical cooking system to maintain the nutritional value of raw materials

The cooking process is highly technological: OptimaNova is able to include fresh meat in the kibble directly in the processing. In addition, the drying process is carried out at a low temperature so as to maintain all the nutrients necessary for the diet of dogs and cats.

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Optimanova Adult Digestive with Rabbit and Potatoes GRAIN FREE for Dogs

Optimanova Adult Digestive with Rabbit and Potatoes is a complete grain-free food for adult dogs with [...]
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  "value" => "Gluten Free, Grain Free, Hypoallergenic, Unique Animal Protein"
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Optimanova Adult Mini with Rabbit and Potatoes GRAIN FREE for Dogs

Optimanova Adult Mini with Rabbit and Potatoes CEREAL-FREE is a super premium dry food for adult dogs (10 months and older) [...]
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Optimanova Cat Sterilised with Chicken and Rice for Cats

OptimaNova Cat Sterilised with Chicken and Rice is a complete food for adult cats 12 months of age and older, formulated for [...]
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OptimaNova croquettes: only noble fresh meats, never frozen

Chicken, rabbit and salmon are the main ingredients that make up Optimanova's products. These foods are never frozen, but are used fresh in the preparation of dog and cat food. Optimanova uses fresh meat, which only undergoes heat treatment, and not meat meal that has a lower nutritional content.

OptimaNova: appropriate and natural appetizers

Every product intended for dogs and cats also has appetizers in its list of ingredients. Often these are synthetic and when, rarely, they are natural, they are purchased from outside suppliers. OptimaNova cares to fully control the production process of its dog and cat kibble and therefore has been developing its own natural appetizers for years by hydrolyzing fresh meat.

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