Harnesses and Leashes for Small and Toy Dogs


Chiudi Filtri

Harnesses and Leashes for Small and Toy Dogs

Although the small dog is favored by people who live in apartments or houses without gardens, this does not mean that they do not need exercise. Some breeds such as the Jack Russell or the Yorkshire Terrier, need and love physical activity. In addition to allowing the dog to appreciate socialization (both with other dogs and humans), walking is a time of intense activity. The small dog will be 'bombarded' by stimuli, smells, other like-minded people and it is necessary to maintain control over him without distraction.

Relying on harnesses and leashes specially designed for the needs of small and toy dogs is essential. Paco has selected only the best accessories to make your outings safe: practical, easy-fitting harnesses that won't create stress in your 4-legged friend, functional leashes based on the freedom you want to give him or the pace you'll keep, all made of durable and controlled materials.


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