Cages, Carriers and Bags for Toy and Small Dogs


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Cages, Carriers and Bags for Toy and Small Dogs

Rigid plastic carriers, cages for long trips in the hold, comfortable and practicalbags and trolleys to take your small dog everywhere. Paco has selected the best travel accessories that are ideal for short and long trips, durable, stylishly designed and comfortable for you and your four-legged friend.

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BackPack Backpack and Carrier for Dogs and Cats

Camon's BackPack is a backpack and carrier that doubles as a convenient travel kennel . [...]
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Malinda Transport Bag for Dogs and Cats

Carrying bag for dogs and cats weighing up to 11 kg.

Pet Fashion Backpack for Dogs and Cats

Stylish Pet Fashion backpack , made of water proof fabric, for carrying small dogs and cats