Pellets and Feeds


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Pellets and Feeds

Feeds and pellets specially designed for the needs of rabbits

Not only complete feeds for rabbits, but also for chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils. In this rich section we have selected the best for rodent feeding. Croquettes designed for maintenance, rich in fiber for good digestion and natural components such as vitamins and minerals in support of the bones and immune system.

Their composition helps the digestive system while the shape and texture necessitates long chewing (which increases oral cleanliness). Find which product is right for you from the assortment that Paco Pet offers, don't worry about the quality we have already taken care of that.

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Genesis Alfalfa Rabbit Food

Genesis Ultra Alpha Rabbit Food provides a balance of protein, minerals and vitamins in addition to the extra-nutritional [...]

Genesis Mini's Alfalfa

Genesis Mini's Alfalfa are compacted Alfalfa hay cubes. They are sun-dried, dust-free and stimulate chewing [...]

Genesis Mini's Alfalfa Timothy

Genesis Ultra Premium Alfalfa Timothy Mini's are a delicious, healthy, natural snack packed with essential fiber in a [...]
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Genesis Timothy Rabbit Food

Genesis Ultra Extruded Timothy Rabbit food is based on the Timothy meal, which contains complementary [...]