Automatic and self-cleaning bedding


Chiudi Filtri

Automatic and self-cleaning bedding

Automatic self-cleaning cat litter box

Automatic self-cleaning cat lit ter boxes automatically clean and disinfect the sand "every time" the cat passes by. These particular litter boxes must be connected to electricity and have a cold water inlet and drain, just like a common household appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher. It is advisable, therefore, to place them in the bathroom or a utility room.

The operation of automatic self-cleaning litter boxes is quaintly simple: they, in fact, are equipped with a scoop that rakes out the sand whenever needed and throws the waste away down the drain. Immediately afterwards, water is poured into the litter to clean it (often with disinfectant added), which is intended to go down the drain through the grate below. Finally,hot air has the task of perfectlydrying the sand, a special biodegradable plastic sand that does not absorb liquids. The self-cleaning litter box activates itself every time the cat needs it and leaves theenvironment clean and fragrant.


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