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Dog harnesses are a great alternative accessory to the more classic collars. Thanks to their structure, they allow you to avoid tugging on your best friend's neck with the risk of choking him. Walking your dog with harnesses will certainly improve the posture of both of you! There are several models available at PacoPet Shop, including H-shaped harnesses, of Swedish origin, designed precisely with your fido's tugging in mind: even if he pulls hard, he won't run the risk of getting hurt! PacoPet also recommends Julius K-9 harnesses, which are ergonomic and sturdy, and Trixie dog harnesses, which are simple and easy to use.

The study of canine ergonomics, however, does not stop there. To ensure your safety and convenience, the Dynamic harnesses are ideal. Durable because they are neoprene, safe because they have reflective inserts and safety fasteners, and available in as many as 7 different colors.

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Dynamic Dog Harness Black

Dynamic Dog neoprene dog harness , black color, with safety closure. To be combined with the leash

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Dynamic Dog Harness Blue

Dynamic Dog neoprene dog harness , blue color, with safety closure
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Dynamic Dog Harness Red

Dynamic Dog neoprene dog harness , red color, with safety closure
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Julius K9 Guide Dog Harness

Julius K9 guide dog harness with handle for conduction. PRODUCT ON ORDER, [...]

H and Y harnesses for dogs: what they are and what they are for

Swedish or h -shaped harnesses for dogs are designed to protect the dog that might get hurt by pulling hard on the leash. The attachment of h harnesses is on the back, so away from the neck, windpipe and limbs that could be damaged by a sudden tug.

Y-shaped harnesses, on the other hand, wrap around the dog's chest and are put on without having to move the dog's legs. Again, the leash is hooked on the back to prevent dangerous rubbing in sensitive areas.

Both Y and H harnesses have the virtue of distributing force in the event of tugging; even when the leash is pulled, the dog is still able to maintain some freedom of movement.