Home Cleaning and Hygiene


Home Cleaning and Hygiene

Household cleanliness and hygiene are crucial aspects, especially when our homes are frequented by faithful four-legged furry friends. Environmental flea repellents, adhesive hair-collecting rollers and room sanitizers are very useful products for dog owners. Check out the selection that Paco Pet Shop has designed for your home and don't be caught unprepared in case of stains, lice and piles of hair!

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Adhesive Cat and Dog Hair Collecting Brush

Handy adhesive hair catcher brush , ideal for removing dog and cat hair from clothing, sofas, carpets and kennels. [...]
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Bayer Solfac Environmental Insecticide

Bayer Solfac Insecticide Acaricide is an insecticidal pesticide for home environments.
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PetZolla True Green Meadow Sod

PetZolla is a true green lawn area to get your puppy dog used to urination at the park, to provide [...]
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SweetPee Sanitizing Spray

Sweetpee is an enzyme liquid spray that, with its unique formulation of enzymes and plant extracts, helps break down urine [...]

UB Hand Gel Cleansing and Sanitizing for Hands

UB Hand Gel is a hand sanitizing cleansing gel with a 70 percent alcohol base and enriched with Lemongrass, [...]