Fences, Gates and Gates for Dogs


Chiudi Filtri

Fences, Gates and Gates for Dogs

Dog doors and gates are excellent solutions for those who want to give freedom of movement, in and out of the house, to their faithful four-legged friends. These are absolutely functional and practical products, suitable for dogs of different sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Thanks to the selection offered by Paco Pet Shop, your dogs will have the opportunity to wag their tails to their heart's content regardless of your presence in or around the house. Paco Pet also offers a range of dog gates in different sizes and conveniently extendable to fit all needs. Functional and practical, they are also ideal to use as dividers, both outdoors and indoors, thanks to the materials they are made of, so as to prevent your faithful Fido friends from going where they don't belong! Finally, puppy enclosures allow puppies to stay safely in the house, in an environment reserved for them and away from danger

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Extendable Dog Gate

The Indoor Dog Gate , prevents even large dogs from entering rooms they should not enter, extendable with extension elements [...]
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