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For grooming your four-legged friend's paws and nails you will find all the essentials in this section: nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, creams to restore plantar elasticity, anti-allergy creams, and protective booties and boots. Don't neglect the care of your dog's paws; checking and keeping nails and paws in good condition prevents pain and uncomfortable gaits.

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Inodorina Salviette Zampe per Cani


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Mini Nail Clipper Scissors for Dogs and Cats

Nail clippers for small dogs, cats, and other small animals
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Nail Clippers For Dogs And Cats

Cat and dog nail clippers, practical and safe
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Orme Naturali Soothing Fingertip Ointment for Dogs and Cats

Soothing Ointment with Zinc Oxide from Orme Naturali protects against irritation, redness and cracking and [...]
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Walker Active Protective Boots for Dogs

Walker Active dog boots protect paws when needed. Sturdy rubber sole , breathable [...]
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