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Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene and cleaning dog's teeth: why it is important

Eighty percent of dogs have oral cavity problems: our faithful friend's mouth and teeth are often neglected by their owners; lack of oral hygiene can also cause serious health problems, such as gingivitis, which if neglected can even cause liver and heart problems. The vast majority of the changes that lead to falling or compromised teeth can all be traced to one phenomenon: the formation of bacterial plaque. When this crystallizes by the mineral salts contained in saliva, tartar is formed.

Oral hygiene and tooth cleaning products for dogs and cats

Dogs provide their own mouth cleaning by chewing on very hard objects such as bones and cartilage, but this exercise is not as effective as true tooth cleaning as is possible through the use of specific dental hygiene products. Oral and dental hygiene products make it possible to reduce tartar and plaque considerably. On Paco's website you will find a large collection of toothbrushes, dental sets, snacks, enzyme pastes, and sprays that can improve your four-legged friends' oral hygiene.

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DentalPet Kit for Dogs and Cats

Dental Pet Kit is toothpaste, spray mouthwash and thimble for daily oral hygiene for dogs and cats
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DentalPet Spray for Dogs and Cats

DentalPet Spray is a chlorhexidine oral spray for dogs and cats.

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DentalPet Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats

Dentalpet Pasta is a toothpaste specifically for dogs and cats.
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Double Toothbrush for Dogs

The M-Pets double toothbrush for dogs and cats has one large and one small brush head to fit all sizes. The brush heads are positioned [...]

ICF Stomodine Gel for Dogs and Cats

Stomodine is an innovative oral hygiene gel for dogs and cats , with 0.12% chlorhexydine, indicated when: a [...]

M-Pets Tooth Cleaning Set for Dogs

Dog tooth cleaning set, includes two finger brushes, a double-head toothbrush and a dog toothpaste .

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Natural Meadows Toothpaste Enzyme Spray for Dogs

The Enzyme Toothpaste Spray for Dogs by Orme Naturali protects enamel and prevents plaque [...]
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