Hill's Science Plan


Chiudi Filtri

Hill's Science Plan

Hill's the recipe for healthy dogs and cats

Everything you need, nothing superfluous in thediet of dogs and cats. Quality ingredients, but in the right combination of nutrients. Hill's offers products with a balanced intake of 50 different nutrients, tailored to your dog's specific lifestyle, size and physiological needs. If your pet has health problems and needs a specific veterinary diet, don't worry: Hill's Prescription Diet is the line for you.

Hill's kibble: an irresistible taste and shape

Premium food, suitable for human consumption, with kibble shapes and sizes designed specifically forcharacteristics and different life stages of our beloved four-legged friends.Hill's factories adopt sustainable, state-of-the-art production methods that prepare safe, delicious and properly nutritious dog and cat food. The new line Youthful Vitality is designed to ensure the ultimate in vitality , health and liveliness for your senior dog or cat. Try it to believe!

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