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Kong and the usefulness of play in the dog's growth path

Kong rubber products can be used as play and training tools. Kong is a rewarding dog toy that can be used for both retrieving and feeding activities. Its features make it particularly suitable fortraining: for quiet training, for training the use of carrying accessories, for responding quickly to the owner's call. The Kong can itself be used as a reward or, alternatively, when stuffed with treats, as a reward to a correct response to an order given by the master.

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KONG Extreme Black Dog Toy

KONG Extreme represents the tougher version of the original KONG toy. The ultra-strong and ultra-durable black rubber toy is [...]

Play is a necessary exercise in every dog's growth path: a dog that plays with its owner learns respect for rules and cements its bond. In addition, play frees up energy that might otherwise be used in negative activities such as destructive chewing: a dog that eats a slipper, destroys a pillow or bites the couch at home is a bored and stressed dog.

For more than 35 years, dog owners have used Kong products to decrease and minimize inappropriate behavior and to keep their dogs occupied. Kong toys are durable and chew-friendly, as well as having unpredictable bouncing features that train reflexes and stimulate natural hunting instincts.

How to train your dog to use Kongs

Some dogs may be frightened or not immediately comfortable with Kong. To prompt them to try this toy, simply filling it with food will be enough to attract their attention and prompt them to give it a try. The materials from which the Kong is made are versatile, useful, safe and durable. Some strategies for engaging your dog:

  1. Toss and fetch. Reward your dog with praise or a treat when he brings the toy back to you. The shape and design of Kong toys provide an irregular bounce, designed to stimulate your dog's natural instincts: no two throws will ever be the same.

  2. Hide-and-seek. Ask the dog to stand still while you hide your kongs in different places in the house or garden; then kick off the treasure hunt by encouraging the dog to bring the hidden toys back to the owner. To make the hunt even more interesting, you can fill the toys with some kibble.

  3. Follow the trail. Leave a trail of treats, as in the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, leading all the way to the Kong and ask your dog to follow it. To make the task more difficult you can increase the distance between one trail and the next.

  4. Kong in the water. Let a few Kongs float in a large container or bowl containing water and challenge the dog to grab the toy to pull it out of the water.