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'I am Dr. Miriam Marrone and I am a young veterinary doctor specializing in Small Animal Internal Medicine. I love my job because it allows me to combine my love for animals and my passion for medicine. In 2016 I graduated with excellent grades from the University of Bologna and 2 years ago I moved to Turin to further my knowledge in the nephro-urological field. I will soon complete a Level II Master's degree in Small Animal Internal Medicine at the University of Parma. My studies are aimed at the internist field with particular interest in 2 disciplines:

- Gastroenetheology and endoscopic techniques;

- Nephrology , Urology and Renal Replacement Therapy Techniques (Hemodialysis and Plasmapheresis).

I currently practice at Happy Friends Hospital in Bergamo, Italy and perform freelance activities throughout Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna'

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Dr. Miriam is available for specialized consultations, to learn more write to info@pacopetshop.it