ambassador-skills-anceschi2.pngDaniela, Paco Ambassador

My name is Daniela, I am 59 years old, I am from Sassuolo (Mo) in Emilia but I live in Tuscany in Fiesole (Fi).

I am an architect and work in restoration and urban and territorial planning. I am, by training, very attentive to environmental issues related to pollution, waste of resources and sustainable development..

My Pets

I have adopted 2 dogs, Benny the English setter, rescued from a lager kennel in Tuscany and Ciccio, the Jack Russell rescued tied to a bench at 5 months old by a non-profit organization in Palermo. I have 5 cats of which 3 have been adopted.

What can I help you with

I discovered by chance, two years ago, the diverse world of animal volunteerism in our South, which faces the problem of mistreatment and abandonment of dogs and cats every day, and I became one of their helpers: so I began to help with long-distance adoptions, fundraising, food collection, pesticides and materials for shelter kennels.

I adhere to the micro-funding system through TEAMING.NET - which collects donations of 1 euro per month for associations that subscribe to the platform - and I became the TEAMER of 5 animal welfare associations, 4 Italian and 1 Spanish that deal with stray, abuse and abandonment of dogs and cats. I try to spread this practice because I think it is brilliant and very effective: if there are many of us, even a micro-donation becomes an important thing.

I am active on Social, especially FaceBook and Instagram , with which I try to spread both requests for help and adoptions of dogs and cats, as well as petitions of a social, environmental and animal welfare nature. I am happy to help those in need!

I chose Paco because.

I have been choosing Paco for my Pets for years. In addition to solidarity initiatives, Paco has the products that Benny, Fatty and my cat armyneed!

Can I help you with advice and suggestions? Write me your questions, I usually respond within a few hours, maximum 1 day

Daniela Anceschi