ambassador-skills-perricone.pngSilvia, Paco Ambassador

I am Silvia, 43 years old, and animals have always been a part of my life, from an early age. However, I have a very strong empathy with the feline world that I believe represents my being, in toto.

My Pets

I currently have 2 cats: Milly, a very shy 3 1/2 year old puppy, and Rain, a little four-legged "terrorist," both red, fill my life although I plan to expand the family soon.

What I can help you with

As I indicated earlier, I have long-standing experience with the feline world, having also had cats with different diseases/ages and breeds. I feel I can answer as far as all-around care of the animal is concerned.

I chose Paco because.

I chose Paco several years ago and he won me over because of the speed, care and attention he puts into every order. I always have the assurance that I am receiving the highest level of efficiency.

Can I help you with advice and suggestions? Write me your questions, I usually respond within a few hours, maximum 1 day

Silvia Perricone