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Lifedog, umidi per caniLifeDog: 100% natural dog food, made in Italy

LifeDog is an exclusively natural food line with no artificial additives from the Italian brand Life Pet Care. Dog food line, cans and sachets, consisting of the best cuts of meat and fish. LifeDog is a line of dog food available in different recipes for adult dogs and puppies: chicken and pumpkin, chicken fillets with cheese, diced beef with potatoes, tuna with rice and more. Controlled food with no added artificial additives, they are the daily meal for the adult dog.

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Life Dog Mixer Crocc

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  "values" => array:4 [
    304 => "Cruelty Free"
    306 => "Grain Free"
    302 => "Natural"
    309 => "Unique Animal Protein"
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  "value" => "Cruelty Free, Grain Free, Natural, Unique Animal Protein"

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