ambassador-skills-pennacchia.pngRoberta, Paco Ambassador

Hi everyone, my name is Roberta Tutone, I am 47 years old and I live in Milan with my husband, my two sons and my furry girls.

My Pets

My two female found kittens are named Amelia and Nora.

I am also Tutor of a feline colony registered with the municipality of Milan, of about 20 elements.

Until a few years ago I always had rodents, but then going to the colony with my friend Milly to take care of the kitties, my passion for them began, and if it weren't for my husband trying to contain me in the house I would have many more!

What can I help you with

Experience with the colony for several years and my two little ones, who come from the street, I can help me give advice on how to introduce new found feline members into the home, both for any checks to be done, and behavioral for integration into the family.

I chose Paco because...

I chose Paco, because it offers many natural foods, I am convinced that nutrition for both humans and animals, is very important to prevent ailments and diseases, and Paco offers a choice range of products that were also recommended to me by my homeopathic veterinarian. In addition, delivery is super fast, and Federica's online help timely!

Can I help you with advice and suggestions? Write me your questions, I usually respond within 24 hours

Roberta Tutone