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Chiudi Filtri

Trainer Natural

Natural Trainer, dog and cat food with fresh meat and natural substances

Natural Trainer is a line of food from the Trainer brand prepared with fresh meat and supplemented with neutraceuticals, natural substances that perform a beneficial function for dogs and cats by strengthening immune defenses and decreasing the risk of degenerative diseases. Trainer Natural consists of both dog food and cat food available in wet and dry food with fresh meat and functional ingredients such as cranberry, a natural supplement that helps maintain a healthy delicate urinary system in cats.

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Natural Trainer Familiar Wet Food for Cats

Natural Trainer Family Adult and Sterilized is a complete and balanced food for adult and [...]

Physiological foods made with fresh chicken and turkey meat for the daily maintenance of small, medium and large dogs with normal needs.

Supplemented with targeted functional ingredients capable of specific beneficial activities, they help preserve the efficiency of organs and systems, thus keeping the body in balance to give a healthy and happy life to man's best friends.