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ambassador-skills-pennacchia.pngMaria, Paco Ambassador

Hello everyone, my name is Maria, I am 49 years old.

I have always been a lover of all animals, like many of you mainly dogs and cats but in the last few years a real "love affair" has broken out for a little sprite from the cold Andes that is becoming more and more present in our homes as a pet..... the Chinchilla!

My Pets

I have two dogs, two cats and ... 10 chinchillas! Lysa is a very sweet and vivacious 4-year-old half-breed, Lluvia, (pronounced "iuvia" and means rain in Spanish) a funny and very good puppy, 5-month-old pit bull cross, who has the thankless task of relieving our deep sorrow for losing in July MAGGIE, the most good and sweetest Labrador in the world.

The felines, Alice, 13 years old and still in splendid shape, and Migolino, a handsome 5-year-old "brindle."

And finally the 10 Andes Leprechauns, soft, cunning and very funny: Cincia, Benito, Lulu, Folgore, Arrow, Flash, Junior, Peach, Ginger and Sky, all very young considering that they can reach up to 20 years of age!

Needless to say, much of my day is dedicated to all of them, care, attention, games and lots, really lots, of love, they are our daily joy...

What can I help you with

Chinchillas for many years were sadly known because they were bred as fur-bearing animals. But now that in Italy, intensive breeding for this purpose no longer exists because (finally!) banned by law. I would like to be able to advise and support in the management, not exactly simple, those who will decide to give home and love to these cute little mice because also for them, as for dogs and cats there are associations that deal with the recovery of unfortunate little ones without an owner.

I chose Paco because.

For this little Zoo absolutely needed to rely on an "on line store", serious, with a wide selection of first-rate products at affordable prices and why not super fast in deliveries.....PACO manages to encapsulate all this and all from the comfort of home, I don't think I need to explain more!

Can I help you with tips and suggestions? Write me your questions, I usually respond within a few hours

Maria Pennacchia