Federica, Paco Ambassador

Hi everyone, I am Federica and I am 30 years old. I have been an animal lover since childhood, I have always wanted a dog, although I have always had and loved cats.

My Pets

My wonderful family consists of me, my husband and my pets, two dogs and two cats. Let me introduce them to you: Duke and King, both Golden Retrievers, the former 8 years old and the latter 6; Artemio and Minnie, both Ragdolls, they are brother and sister and are 3 years old.

Most of my free time is dedicated to them, I try to entertain them and be there for all their needs. I also share vacations and love of nature with them. What could be nicer than watching a sunset together with your big dog?

On the other hand, with cats, quieter and "couch" animals, we enjoy the warmth of our home, often all together in the living room watching a movie.

Finally, I quote a phrase very dear to me:"you can know the heart of a man already by the way he treats animals."

What can I help you with

Although they are more calm and cuddly, Ragdolls have certain needs: their hygiene and grooming should not be underestimated. Golden Retrievers (sweet dogs famous for their 'smiles') also have definite needs: first and foremost, entertaining and socializing them.

I chose Paco because.

I have been a customer of Paco for years, I have always had a great time, the quality/price ratio is excellent, I have always found convenience and competitive prices. The convenience of receiving, after 24h from the order, the products directly at home is unparalleled.

Can I help you with advice and suggestions? Write me your questions, I usually respond within a couple of hours

Federica Toro


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