Milena, Paco Ambassador

Hi, I'm Filomena, but everyone calls me Milena, I'm 40 years old and all my life I've always had dogs. In 2011 something changed: thanks to my husband I discovered Maine Coons, the good giants that changed my life.

My Pets

Convinced by my husband, our first kitty arrived: Ryù, a Maine Coon brown tabby. It was love at first sight, and Fuji, a blue tabby, and Kurama (his full name is Kurama Xagur Jumanaky) black and white, soon followed.

What I can help you with

Having three good giants in the house has led me to become so passionate about the Maine Coon breed. They are cats of infinite sweetness and patience and so very very cuddly (which you wouldn't know given their demanding size). I didn't like cats much before I met Ryu, but I quickly learned to appreciate these elegant and wonderful creatures.

I chose Paco because...

I chose Paco because I can find the best products for my Maine Coon and my dog, who has gastrointestinal problems as a result of a nasty intestinal parasitosis. On Paco I find veterinary and daily foods that are suitable for my Pets' needs.

Can I help you with advice and suggestions? Write me your questions, I usually respond within a day

Cafagna Filomena (Milena)


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