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Oxbow, fieno e numerosi prodotti alimentari per piccoli animali

Oxbow hay and numerous food products for small animals

Oxbow is a world-leading U.S. company that was founded five generations ago on the Miller family farm; specializing in food products for small animals: rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas,gerbils and many others. Oxbow also develops and manufactures Oxbow supplements and hay available in different variants. All Oxbow-branded products are formulated through a team of specialized veterinarians working with the American company. Among the wide range of products, the line that has received much international acclaim is the one that includes Oxbow's timothy hay formulas, which are recognized worldwide for their high-quality nutrient composition for small herbivores.

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Oxbow Alfalfa Hay for Rabbits and Rodents

Oxbow Alfalfa Hay farm-fresh leguminous alfalfa is a hay suitable for young animals , [...]
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Oxbow Baked Treats with Blueberry for Rabbits and Rodents

Owbow Baked Treats with Blueberries are a healthy all-natural treat with blueberries and timothy hay. 100% natural, [...]

Oxbow Veggie Treats for Rabbits and Rodents

Oxbow Animal Health Veggie Treats is a healthy all-natural treat with vegetables, for [...]