Natural foods do not have Organic recognition, but their production has strict standards that exclude the presence of dyes, chemical additives and appetizers. Discover the benefits of natural products for your dog and cat.

Natural foods are those kibble and wet foods that have components (protein, minerals, added elements) of controlled origin. This type of food is the safest and healthiest for our 4-legged friends, but not always, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins that make up recipes called "natural" include the exclusion of additives such as preservatives, dyes, sugars and artificial flavors. Although these types of kibble are highly controlled and balanced for proper maintenance or development of the dog and cat, they may have "additions." This does not mean that the term "natural" is misleading; on the contrary, products bearing this adjective have undergone a variety of control processes at all stages of the production chain.

Natural products, just like food, make use of the synergies of the elements that nature provides us with. Medicinal herbs and extracts, such as Neem Oil, become important allies in protecting our Pet from fleas and ticks, but also ideal for the protection of fur, skin, and body.