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Siland is a 100% Italian brand that promotes medicated, hypoallergenic and balanced nutrition for Dogs and Cats. Raw materials are guaranteed high quality, no use of flour, low crude ash (only 4.8%).

Through the Siland brand, parent company Aurora Biofarma offers both dry and wet foods made in Italy, gluten free, cruelty free and GMO free.

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Siland Dermocortipet Moist Pate for Dogs

Siland Dermocortipet Wet Pate for Dogs is the wet food indicated for the dog with chronic or transient dermatological [...]
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    304 => "Cruelty Free"
    306 => "Grain Free"
    369 => "Hormone Free"
    310 => "Hypoallergenic"
    302 => "Natural"
    312 => "Made In Italy"
    308 => "GMO Free"
    301 => "Holistic"
    309 => "Unique Animal Protein"
    305 => "Gluten Free"
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  "value" => "Cruelty Free, Grain Free, Hormone Free, Hypoallergenic, Natural, Made In Italy, GMO Free, Holistic, Unique Animal Protein, Gluten Free"
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Siland was born as a brand of exclusive products: medicated, hypoallergenic and balanced as well as palatable nutrition for Dogs and Cats, high quality raw materials, no use of flour, low crude ash (only 4.8%).

The high nutritional value of the Mediterranean Diet: blue fish, citrus fruits, Sicilian oil and mix of four grains (buckwheat, sorghum, corn and rice) makes Siland products a quality solution for feeding animals with and without food intolerances.

One protein: high quality

Foods in the SILAND ONE PRO TEIN line are inspired by the Mediterranean diet and use asingle animalprotein source with high biological value: fish or pork.

Single protein source foods are designed to limit the occurrence of intolerances and allergies and also as a solution for the daily feeding of dogs with allergies to other protein sources.

The SILAND ONE PROTEIN line is designed for the complete and balanced feeding of puppies and adults, with formulations that take into account different nutritional needs according to life stage.

Complete dietary foods for pet wellness

All products in the Line SILAND PETCARE are complete dietary foods designed to meet the needs of the adult dog when specific nutrition is required.

Functional supplements characterize and differentiate each product in the line. The different formulations are also characterized by the presence of a single source of animal protein and a single source of carbohydrates. This feature makes Petcare line feeds safe to administer even to individuals with food sensitivities or allergies.