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Ossobello vegetable dog snacks are made from raw materials are km0 and contain no animal protein. The ingredient list consists of only 6 items all genuine, gluten free and GMO free.

Born from the passion and desire to provide healthy snacks for dogs, Ossobello guarantees direct contact with the producers of raw materials(meticulously selected) KM0 from the Piedmont plant in Villarbasse, near Turin. To date, Ossobello is the world's second-largest producer of all-vegetable chewable snacks.

All the benefits of a plant-based chewable snack that is healthy, natural and... good!

Ossobello's plant-based chewable snacks for dogs do not chip, stain, or smell but guarantee taste, well-being, and digestibility for dogs of all sizes.

Theabsence of animal protein, GMOs, gluten, plastic, and artificial additives make these snacks natural and appetizing without affecting health (such as for dogs with kidney problems) and shape-weight. The amount of fiber contained in a snack is like that which dogs can find naturally in blades of grass.

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Ossobello Bone Vegan Snack for Dogs

Ossobello Bone is a bone-shaped, gluten free, made in Italy vegetable snack composed of only 6 [...]
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  • Ossobello is 100% Italian-made with the highest quality standards
  • Totally free of protein of animal origin
  • Gluten and GMO free
  • Snacks designed for dog's dental health: does not crumble and helps normal dental cleaning