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Belcando Dog Food, super premium kibble and wet food for the dog

Ingredients make the difference: that's Belcando's motto, and that's exactly what it is. The company, relies only on small local breeders to source the choicest raw materials from which Belcando's super-premium kibble and humids are made.

Small farms allow better control over the growth of poultry, pigs, and beef, which are then cooked using an entirely innovative steam technique that limits the loss of essential elements.

Every age has the ideal products: from puppy food to senior dog food, as well as for those with intolerances or allergies. Belcando makes a real promise of quality to the Pet Owner: HFC raw materials, rich in extra fresh meat, optimal flavor, Not tested on animals, free of preservatives and appetizers and soy protein.

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Belcando Single Protein Horse Wet Food for Dogs

Belcando Single Protein Horse wet canned dog food contains only the highest quality meat , with no other [...]
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    304 => "Cruelty Free"
    305 => "Gluten Free"
    306 => "Grain Free"
    313 => "Human grade"
    310 => "Hypoallergenic"
    302 => "Natural"
    309 => "Unique Animal Protein"
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  "value" => "Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Human grade, Hypoallergenic, Natural, Unique Animal Protein"
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Highly controlled kibble and wet food for the present and future health of the dog

Belcando offers only highly selected kibble and wet foods for dogs. Thanks to the great respect for nature and the choice of non-intensive breeding farms, the fresh meat of which these foods are composed is particularly digestible and healthy even for the most sensitive dog.

Balcando foods are:

  • Natural
  • Also single-protein
  • HFC
  • Cruelty Free

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