A food is said to be 100 percent organic when all its parts of organic origin (thus excluding minerals and salts for which this definition is not yet possible), come from controlled and tracked farms and processing sites . These foods are produced using sustainable methods with extreme care for the quality of meat, vegetables and grains that must never contain hormones, pesticides, GMOs and chemical additives.

Those who produce organic feeds for our pets are committed to creating healthy, high-quality recipes. To be defined as organic, a product must: be GMO-free, contain no chemically derived or synthesizing substances, the plant part must not have been grown with chemical fertilizers, and the production of the contained elements must have been done with environmentally sustainable (low environmental impact) methods. The bodies that can issue such certification are different and the symbols that have actual value can be as follows: Organic Farming, Bio Siegel, CCPB, AB France, Austria Bio Garantie. Organic and Cruelty free almost always go hand in hand.

Organic foods for Pets have passed strict inspections, both in production and raw material selection. To find out if the foods you give your dog or cat, are organic, follow this stamp and find out more about why to choose them for his or her diet..